Preserve@Home: online food preservation course

Preserve@Home is an online food preservation class that teaches participants how to produce high quality preserved foods and the science behind food preservation and food safety.

Each lesson includes online text (that can be downloaded and printed), an online discussion board to facilitate student interaction, a real-time chat with instructors and classmates, and open book lesson quizzes to assess knowledge gained. The following are the lesson topics:

1. Causes and Prevention of Foodborne Illness
2. Spoilage and Canning Basics
3. Canning Acid Food - Boiling Water Canner
4. Canning Low Acid Foods - Pressure Canner
5. Canning Specialty Foods (jams, jellies and preserves; salsas; pickled & fermented foods)
6. Drying and Freezing

Cost: $35 registration fee plus cost of required supplemental materials

The next class will start in June 8, 2023.
Registration deadline: June 5, 2023

For more information, contact Franklin County Extension at 208-852-1097 or