PD:Nature Inspired STEM, EDCI 505-05, CRN 36699, 1 PD Credit, Fall 2020 (8/24/20 - 12/11/20)

As stated by Norman Augustine, retired CEO of Lockheed Martin, "Most of humanity's forthcoming challenges will depend for their solution upon engineers, yet relatively few American youth seem to be interested in careers in engineering." Inspiring our K-12 students to become problems solvers, and, hopefully, engineers and inventors is essential and should be an integral part of K-12 curriculum. This online book study course will give educators easy-to implement tools and activities for use in their classrooms, which will inspire students to fall in love with science, engineering, and invention through a nature-inspired approach. Target audience: K-12 teachers, administrators, and parents. The only pre-requisite is to obtain a copy of the book :Engineering Education for the Next Generation: A Nature-Inspired Approach by Samuel Cord Stier and to have access to Zoom with an acceptable Internet connection. Contact instructor for more information. Instructor: Elizabeth Brubaker, 208-660-4349/bethbr@inventidaho.com

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