Backpack Guide to Idaho Range Plants

The landscapes of Idaho's vast rangelands are rich with diverse plant life that can intrigue the curious explorer and observant naturalist. This full-color guide is the ideal tool for learning to recognize common plant species in Idaho's rangelands. The guide includes 69 common grasses, grass-like plants (sedges and rushes), forbs (wildflowers), and shrubs. Each plant's entry features a 3-photo set to aid in field identification and includes: 1. close-up of flowering parts; 2. entire plant at peak growth; and 3. typical view of plant in natural landscape.

Easy-to-read text includes descriptive characteristics, distribution and habitat of rangeland plants, and comparisons to potential look-alike plants. The introductory section gives a general overview of the major rangeland vegetation regions found throughout Idaho. 7th edition, 2012. Second printing 2017.

Authors: University of Idaho Rangeland Center and Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission

173 pages

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