Pruning Western White Pine: A Vital Tool for Species Restoration

Once the primary tree in the Inland Northwest, by 2006 western white pine inhabited less than 5% of its historical range. White pine blister rust, a fungus that forms eruptive, blisterlike sacs after the spores enter through the needles, is the culprit. Pruning, however, is a helpful, though not a guaranteed, remedy. Using this richly illustrated, four-color booklet, improve the fertility of your and/or state forest land. Learn when and how to prune pine trees and what tools work the best; about site preparation; how to harvest boughs for sale after pruning; and about other related economic issues. Bonus sections help you identify blister rust cankers, set up blister rust monitoring, and identify plants in the genus Ribes, shrubs whose hosting spreads the disease. Soon you’ll be well on your way to helping to restore the pine ecosystem.

Authors: Chris C. Schnepf, John W. Schwandt

36 pages | PNW 584

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